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When we started, we group up being software developers. We learnt from the big guys about tech, business, management and processes. It was a long way until we realized what we actually wanted to be.
The base was always technology, it never stopped being that way. But, tech without the human talent, is just ones and zeros. Thatís what lead us to think, what are we missing?

The answer was right in front of our eyes, the people.

The person that chooses to work in tech is a curious individual. He or she, is different from other workers, a person who is really eager to go beyond regular thinking. Sometimes a little geeky, sometimes a bit shy, but always ready to face new challenges. And whatís more, there is always a little bug in his/her head that wonít let him/her be: the ideas that run wildly in the head.

Those ideas, are our inspiration. We really believe in the talent of our people. We want to be their fuel to achieve success.

We decide to build wakapi from within. All of our team is deeply committed to fostering, nurturing and encouraging tech projects that can reshape the world one step at a time.

Ofertas de empleo de Wakapi

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05/08/2020 .NET Software Engineer

  • Mendoza
  • Contrato: Indefinido
  • net C#
  • Jornada: Jornada completa
  • Salario: 500€ - 600€ bruto/mes
  • DevOps
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