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Blockchain is raising huge interest in the corporate and institutional world, as it has proved that it can solve real problems, leading to unprecedent efficiency and transparency in many processes. but at the same time it needs to become more than a buzzword, to create real use cases where it can deliver true value. companies and institutions need help with integration, technology development, and understanding the legal frameworks and risks. our vision is to go beyond the hype, using blockchain where it can bring diferencial benefits, and making it attainable for institutions and corporations.

in iobuilders we believe that blockchain is here to change the world - specially the corporate and financial landscape- but the road to real adoption is full of technical and regulatory challenges. our goal is to bring blockchain technology to the corporations and institutions in a meaningful way, by creating products and businesses that deliver real value - and not using blockchain technology just for the hype - and fits the regulatory frameworks. one block, one step at a time, we are slowly but surely getting there.

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04/11/2020 Desarrollador Senior Java (Blockchain)

  • Jornada: Jornada completa
  • Salario: 39000€ - 60000€ bruto/año
  • Analista Programador
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