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Zapiplay Spain - Zapiplay is a tech services company specifically designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses that want to customize their digital experience and increase customer engagement. And driven by our core values of trust, transparency, and fairness, we want to make that experience more human, too. This is an exciting opportunity to join a new business in a fast-paced and challenging environment. Our engineering team creates complete end-to-end technology produ...
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   Full Stack Developer Zapiplay

Funciones: Programador
Tecnologías: Python, java, agile, AngularJS, database, HTML
Jorn. completa | Salario: 30000 € - 42000 € bruto/año | Contrato: A determinar
Barcelona y otras

Fecha: 26/10/2016

Programador Junior

Funciones: Analista Programador - Programador - Técnico Software
Tecnologías: PHP 5, Jira, Testing, PHP, JSON, NET, Agile
Jorn. completa | Salario: 24000 € - 30000 € bruto/año | Contrato: A determinar
A Coruña

Fecha: 05/10/2016

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