Dabbel-automation Intelligence Gmbh

Descripción de la empresa Dabbel-automation Intelligence Gmbh

Dabbel is an ai-autonomous building management system with the ability to self-manage building control systems more efficiently than any human. Controls include, but are not limited to, building temperature, ventilation and lighting. Dabby, the core makes its own decisions, through a self-learning, self-adapting and self-configuring system with cognitive artificial intelligence. Dabbel reduces energy and operational costs and simultaneously increases the wellness and productivity of tenants by ensuring a healthy environment. Dabbel is the only building management system on the market able to dynamically adapt and learn without needing human interaction. This way, it saves very large amounts of energy that are spent unnecessarily and inefficiently, it fights climate change by reducing co2 emissions and creates a healthy environment for the people inside the building. Dabbel wants to contribute to reduce emissions through the most sophisticated solution to improve energy efficienc...
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