Web Developers: Junior, Senior, Manager (Sta. Cruz De Tenerife)

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Sta. Cruz De Tenerife - España 25/11/2020

Descripción de la oferta de empleo

We are scaling our web developer team offering vacancies for junior, senior and team manager positions.

Our office language is English. You need to have a good understanding of written English. Don´t worry if you haven´t spoken English in a while and are not completely fluent, as long as you are comfortable considering this job an opportunity to improve your fluency in English.

We are dedicated to building the best web services worldwide for different sectors in education and are looking for top class programmers.

* You’ll have influence over all aspects of a website and will have the opportunity to work on a very diverse range of tasks, learning about different technologies used in state of the art web services.
* Your work will be visible to millions of site visitors and will help them in making a better decision about where and what to study.
* Hardly any deadlines. We expect excellency in getting things done and self-management, but your time is mainly organized by you yourself. There is no unnecessary external pressure from artificial project completion deadlines.
* No work on weekends, bank holidays, evening shifts or extra hours apart from emergencies (maybe 6 days per year).
* Ultra-short decision and communication channels.
* Friendly international team and work atmosphere.
* Competitive salary, based on qualification of candidate.
* Being part of a rapidly growing business.
* Flexible working hours. Holidays can be flexibly taken throughout the year.
* Strong commitment to CSR. Significant profit share going to most effective charities.

LanguageCourse.net is the leading website worldwide for comparing and booking language course programs. At the beginning of 2020 we set up a separate company with the mission to provide a similar transparency and ease of comparison for university programs allowing students worldwide to make better decisions about where and what to study. Our website is offered in over 20 languages and our new university program section alone has already grown in a very short time to over 2 million annual visitors.

More than anything else, you are fired up about building websites that are useful to millions of people.
You have a high analytical intelligence and know from your former jobs that you get things done in less time than many of your peers. You know you are good, without being arrogant and are pleasant to be around and work with.

You also meet the following requirements:
* Resident in Tenerife.
* Proficiency in PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, OOP with exposure to a wide range of different tasks and web technologies/solutions.
Required minimum experience in above areas: 2-4 years (junior); 5-8 years (senior) , 10+ years (team manager).
* Bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree in a related field, or a good reason for not having one.
* Able to communicate effectively the required costs/time, tradeoffs and benefits of different approaches.
* Self motivated. Independent, can work with little supervision. Responsible, mature.
* Structured, well organized and with good skills of self­ and time management.
* Quickly understand complex problems and successfully deliver working results in a short time. High analytical intelligence.
* Pay attention to detail and test code carefully before putting to production.
* Solution instead of problem oriented.
* Interest in a long term job.

Additional requirements only for team manager position:
* Min. 3 years experience in leading a team of minimum of 4 developers in a professional well management environment.
* Talent to motivate, coach and inspire team members and excellent interpersonal skills.
* Understanding of the business context within which technical solutions are developed
* Come up with the best technical solution to a problem quickly based on extensive experience and capacity.

Otros detalles de la oferta

Idiomas: Inglés (Alto)

Formación Mínima: Sin estudios

Nivel Profesional: Empleado

Otras Provincias: Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

CVs inscritos en el proceso: 39

Datos principales de la oferta
  • Santa Cruz De Tenerife - Sta. Cruz De Tenerife
  • Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
  • Desarrollador Web
  • Jornada completa
  • 2 años
  • Indefinido
    Tipo contrato
  • 24.000 € - 42.000 € Bruto/año

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