Web Architect / Evolutionary Architect - Madrid

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Web Architect / Evolutionary Architect



Novanotio is hiring to work in Madrid, Las Rozas a Web Architect. 

What do we want? 
– Strong knowledge about POO and PHP. If you know about symfony3 framework it will 
be good. 
– React.js or another javascript framework. 
– Know about how to deal with microservice and interconected services. 
– Knowledge about microservices. Docker and kubernetes knowledge would be suitable. 
– GIT (bitbucket and gitlab). Know how to set workflows in order to do a great code 
review (experience with pull request, pipelines and continuous integration/delivery). 
– REST knowledge is a must. 
– PHP Design patterns and code structure. 
Some experience with Agile or scrum would be suitable.
The core responsibilities for this job positions are: 
- Knowledge 
a strong knowledge about PHP is highly required. You need understand design patters and how PHP works at machine level (memory & processor level). 
Also TDD or BDD knowledge is required. 

- Vision 
Ensure there is a clearly communicated technical vision for the system and across microservices that will help our system meet the requirements of our customers and organization. 

- Empathy 
Strictly internal and confidential document 
Understand the impact of QA decisions on customers and colleagues. Work some time coding with teams members are required for this. 

- Collaboration 
Engage with as many of her peers and colleagues as possible to help define, refine and execute MMG vision. 

- Adaptabiility 
Make sure that the technical vision changes as your customers or organization requires it. 

- Autonomy 
Find the right balance between standardizing and enabling autonomy for our teams. 

- Governance 
Ensure that the system being implemented fits the technical vision. 

- Languages 
International team, we use English constantly, so a domain of this is essential.

Funciones Profesionales

Detalles de la oferta
  • Idioma: Inglés (Alto)
  • Experiencia: 2 años
  • Formación Mínima: Ingeniero Tecnico
  • Nivel Profesional: Especialista
  • Tipo contrato: A determinar
  • Jornada: Jornada completa
  • Honorarios: 30.000€ - 36.000 € Bruto/año
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