Storage Engineer (Bizkaia)

Eval Consultoria
Bizkaia - España 14/06/2021

Descripción de la oferta de empleo

Key functions
- Break & Fix (resolution of incidents in exchange for low critical parts)
- Remote hands
- Support for physical hardware/software installation

First technical level of CPD breakdowns and requests

Hardware Data Center: Storage, Backup, Computo/HCI, Networking

Key functions in relation to the Integrated Management System
- Comply with the company´s privacy policy.
- Identify and accept responsibility for information systems and technologies in their field of action.
- Communicate any security incidents or events that could affect servers, storage, and communications equipment.
- Participate in the definition, in collaboration with the Security Manager, of the model of implementation of controls in those systems and platforms in their field of action.
- Properly manage the service provided in accordance with the procedures enabled
- Act in line with sgsI and SGS
- Integrate the aspects of Occupational Safety and Health, Quality, Information Security, as well as Service Management and Environment in the working meetings with its employees and in the procedures of action of the unit.
- Act in line with the implemented SGI.
- Become aware of the benefits of the culture of the Integrated Management System.
- Efficiently use resources (water, electricity, among others) and gcorrectly sing waste, taking into account 3 R (Reduce, reuse and recycle)
- Participate in planned preventive activities, in accordance with the established procedure.
- Comply with prevention roles and responsibilities and those described in the prevention plan.
- Participate in planned preventive activities, in accordance with the established procedure.
- Immediately inform the direct supervisor or OSH manager of any situation you believe may pose a health and safety risk
- Propose possible technical solutions that may exist to address risks affecting systems and platforms in their field of action.

Time mode
- Office hours and 24x7 guards

Location on the job
Subcategory: 1
- Minimum titration:
o Technological CFGS
o Pursuing technological university education
- Driver´s license (B)
- No experience required
- Ability to understand and perform tasks with documentation support.
- Compliance with defined competencies.

Subcategory: 2
- Compliance with Trainee criteria.
- Two years of experience
- Basic knowledge of minimum 3 Data Center hardware technologies:
o Storage (Disk Arrays)
o LAN and SAN (switches, connectivity)
o Backup (physical/virtual library)
o Servers
- Performing tasks, which can be performed with light revisions of the documentation.
- Technical capacity for diagnostics and scaling.
- Compliance with defined competencies.

Otros detalles de la oferta

Idiomas: Inglés (Alto)

Formación Mínima: Grado Medio

Nivel Profesional: Empleado

CVs inscritos en el proceso: 6

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Datos principales de la oferta
  • Bilbao - Bizkaia - España
  • Técnico Software
  • Jornada completa
  • 2 años
  • A determinar
    Tipo contrato
  • 27.000 € - 36.000 € Bruto/año
  • storage networking back up

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