Senior Software Engineer - Barcelona

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Youre Likely The Right Candidate If:

* Youre passionate about the whole stack a complex modern application requires.
* You have a high level of expertise developing, shipping and maintaining high throughput Java services.
* Youre very comfortable working with REST APIs (deep understanding of HTTP, pagination, request retrial, ).
* Youre familiar with asynchronous programming techniques: streams, event-based flows, task queues, message queues.
* Youre well versed in common distributed systems patterns like backpressure, circuit breaks or bulkheads.
* Youre very interested in learning new languages, platforms, and ideas.
* You understand the value that build and test automation brings to a development team´s efficiency and reliability and are passionate about applying these techniques to your projects.
* You thrive in a fast paced environment focused on delivering production code at a regular cadence using Agile techniques, tools and methodologies.
* You have a collaborative work style that includes colleagues in important decisions and leads to shared code ownership.
* You have great team player skills.
* You speak fluent English.
SaaS Java 
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Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona - España
Datos del Puesto:
At New Relic, you will work with some of the best engineers and tackle some of the most complex problems in the industry. As a member of Barcelona team you will help shape and grow our European development center.

Client Details

New Relic is a leading digital intelligence company, delivering full-stack visibility and analytics with more than 14,000 paid business accounts. The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform provides actionable insights to drive digital business results. Companies of all sizes trust New Relic to monitor application and infrastructure performance so they can quickly resolve issues, and improve digital customer experiences.


At New Relic, we provide our customers with instant and deep insight into their applications behaviour and performance. With our SaaS-based application performance monitoring (APM) solution, we have our customers backs by transparently instrumenting their application and reporting issues, often before the customer knows that there is a problem. We give our customers as much information as possible to help them tune their sites reliability and performance.

We are looking for a Backend Engineer to join our growing team in charge of the Integrations which is offered as part of our brand new New Relic Infrastructure product.

You will build a new collection of connectors to major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform to enable industry leading monitoring of services and applications deployed in the cloud. Large scale, high availability and the evolution of a complex data fetching architecture will be key aspects of your daily job.

Job Offer

* Social Benefits
* Remote
3-5 años
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