Senior Fullstack Engineer (Barcelona)

Barcelona - España 25/03/2020

Descripción de la oferta de empleo

Codurance being an IT consultancy, you would come in as a consultant to participate to projects covering both the hands-on technical side and the positive culture, mindset elements and training that our client teams may need.

Perhaps you’ll work on a client project from our offices with our team delivery approach. This may be a greenfield project for a startup, or helping to build a mission-critical system for a large enterprise client. Perhaps you’ll work as an embedded craftsperson, working within our client´s existing development to help them to get better at writing their own software. Or maybe you´re more interested in helping to introduce the values of Craftsmanship to an organisation through coaching & mentoring.

The skills that you possess

Practices: You have experience with Extreme Programming practices, along with a good understanding of different Agile practices and how they can help a team to work effectively.
It’s an added bonus if you have worked with setting up build pipelines and automation (Continuous Deployment).

Design and Architecture: A good appreciation for software design at the micro and macro level. For instance, being aware of SOLID principles and Domain Driven Design (DDD). You naturally follow Clean Code principles and have an understanding of different types of architecture (e.g. layered and hexagonal architectures, microservices, CQRS and Event Sourcing). You understand the basic principles of security, logging, monitoring, and supporting projects in production.

Technology stacks: Although we are always exploring different technologies, currently, the three main technology stacks we use are: JVM (Java/Clojure/Scala), .NET (C#/F#), or Node (JavaScript / TypeScript). Most of our projects use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure as a cloud solution. We would like to see solid experience in at least one of the languages we use and familiarity with cloud solutions.

Experience: Ideally, you will have experience working in a business environment, within a team delivering high-quality software, managing stakeholder relationships and negotiating time critical milestones when necessary.

Otros detalles de la oferta

Idiomas: Inglés (Alto) | Español (Alto)

Formación Mínima: Bachillerato/COU

Nivel Profesional: Especialista

CVs inscritos en el proceso: 3

Datos principales de la oferta
  • Barcelona - España
  • Analista Programador
  • Jornada completa
  • Más de 5 años
  • Indefinido
    Tipo contrato
  • 39.000 € - 60.000 € Bruto/año
  • Java PHP Clojure Scala

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