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Descripción de la oferta de empleo

Who You Are:
We are looking for experienced developers who are deeply interested in developing innovative and impactful applications. As Senior Frontend Developer, you will play a relevant role in the design and development of a data analysis tool for a robotic inspection scenario in the oil & gas (O&G) sector. This analytics software shall collect inspection data of the infrastructure (pipelines, tanks, and similar assets) and provide explorative analytics and predictive maintenance features (such as predicting corrosion rates and forecasting risk issues).
Our partners in the US design several models of pipe crawling robots which produce inspection data based on a wide range of sensors and non-destructive testing (NDT) probes that we combine with historical records of the same assets to provide an integrated tool for the infrastructure engineer in the O&G but also renewable energies, chemical and farming industries, and general utility service companies (water, gas, electricity, ...). It is a long-term project involving an international team based in Spain & UK, for the software teams, with hardware and commercial headquarters in Houston, TX. Our current clients are the largest infrastructure and energy companies in America, Europe and the Middle East.

The core tool under development is a cloud-based technology (with a web-accessible portal as a front-end) able to perform several operations on, in particular, data collection and preparation, visualisation (2D/3D information), and displaying simulation/analysis results. The backend part will interact with several machine learning models that provide forecasting and classification results. The final product shall be a web-based portal that interacts with the backend services providing the data, analytics, and simulations.
This role involves working with a multidisciplinary international team, including data scientists, software & data engineers, DevOps/MLOps, and UI/UX experts. You will be able to design products for advanced users (ranging from engineers to other technical personnel) leading and contributing to the design alternatives for the UI, workflow definition and software architecture.

Your duties & responsibilities:
Include, but not be limited to:
Design and development of the frontend of an interactive visualisation tool for an engineering domain based on machine learning models.
Design desirable user experience in data visualisation, visual metaphors, data interaction and interpretation.
Take an active role in the software decisions concerning both applications.
Coordinate with a group of software developers and data scientists towards the design and development of the analytics tool.
Deploy a data-centric solution into a cloud-based infrastructure.
Helping in the design and prototyping of UI/UX components.

What You Bring:
We require the following qualifications:
Right to work in Spain or the UK (already granted or appropriate citizenship).
Excellent communication skills in both English and Spanish.
At least 7+ years’ experience in Javascript/Typescript development of web-based UIs.
Proven experience in commercial libraries and frameworks, in particular Vega.js
5+ years of experience in either React or Angular environments (or equivalent)..
Good understanding of software engineering and development process practices (Jira, Git, debugging).

We encourage the following qualifications:
BS degree or higher or equivalent practical experience with focus in data engineering, analytics and statistics.
Experience in other programming languages, in particular Python, is welcome.
Experience using DevOps tools, scripting languages and practices to build and deploy software.
Working experience in deployment platforms (including Kubernetes & Docker)
Experience in web exchange formats, HTTP-based protocols, and data representations (GraphQL, XML, JSON and YAML data formats, ...).
Basic understanding of scientific simulations, data science and data analytics principles.

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Idiomas: Inglés (Alto) | Español (Alto)

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Info Otros Países: Reino Unido

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