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Java Senior Software Engineer REMOTE



Job Summary & Responsibilities
You will be working in a cryptocurrency start-up company. You can be based in Mexico City or remotely from anywhere in the world. It is required 10+ years of experience developing in Java, specially used to working without frameworks on Java 8.

The Senior Software Engineer will augment the existing engineering team in the ongoing development of our core platform. The Senior Software Engineer will be a key member of our team. Not only will he or she be responsible for contributing to the growth and further development of our software platforms but additionally identify areas of potential improvement; improvements that very well might have significant implications on the company’s business model, overall direction, and mission. Additionally, this role will have significant influence on the growth of the engineering team, including hiring and firing. You will get to navigate the exciting challenges faced by the most essential component of a fast-growing and innovative company.

Extensive experience and knowledge of Java 8 as well as leading skills. Ninety-nine percent of our platform is written in Java 8, and so it’s essential that you are good at Java 8 and have an extensive knowledge of its standard library.

Concurrent programming. Our system is highly concurrent. It is therefore crucial that you are excellent at coding safely in a concurrent environment.

Testing. Our system manages financial transactions. Testing is a core part of what our engineers do. Unit tests and integration tests make up 50% of our code base.

Common Java dev tools. Linux, Bash, Gradle, IDEs like Intellij or Eclipse, and profiling tools.

Communication protocols. Much of our system is dedicated to managing communication channels over HTTP (like RESTful services), WebSocket, and FIX.

Low-latency programming and networking (optional). Although we are not currently optimizing for latency, anyone who has skills regarding speed improvements will be especially valuable as our company grows.

Technical and social skills
Open and plastic mind, intensity, drive

Funciones Profesionales

Detalles de la oferta
  • Idioma: Inglés (Alto)
  • Experiencia: Más de 10 años
  • Formación Mínima: Ingeniero Tecnico
  • Nivel Profesional: Especialista
  • Número de puestos: 9
  • Tipo contrato: Indefinido
  • Jornada: Jornada completa
  • Honorarios: 86.000€ - 100.000 € Bruto/año
  • Info Otros Países: Reino Unido