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ingeniero microelectronica



He should have the ability to understand how to use various equipment such
as signal generators and oscilloscope and data logging devices.

Then he should be able to design analog circuits to provide front end signal
amplification and filtering.

Also power supply design and battery charging circuitry.

Then he should be able to program embedded systems such as ARM Cortex M0 in C using e.g. Atmel Studio or Keil IDE.

If possible he should be able to design algorithms such as FFT and
Digitalfilters as awell as to program for real time.

It would also be good to be able to integrate Bluetooth or NFC and to be
able to program in Java on ANDROID and Objective C or Swift for IOS.

A strong understanding of physiological issues in the human body around ANS
and impact on HR. challenge will be to bring Witooth from the current in order to set the technical and commercial pathways for successful market uptake in 2019. The main challenges that we will have to face in order to fully commercialize Witooth are:
1. Miniaturization: Ongoing R&D is to reduce even more the PCB and antenna size. Our final aim is to include temperature, hearth Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory capacity with the one PCB acting as a base circuit.
2. Calibrate and program the IC for correct glucose level calculations: Integrated circuit inside the PCB must be programmed and calibrated for correct conversion of sensor data into ready-to-read information.
3. Correct application of the glucose microsensor and the inner placement into Witooth platform

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