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Information Security Specialist

King´s Group


The Information Security Specialist is responsible for dealing with all security tasks involved in keeping the company’s data safe from external and internal intrusions or leaks. Main duties are creating and carrying out procedures for data safety from all points of view: technical and social, providing training on all levels of the staff, and according to the GDPR and following the DPO role, to the students. The ISS needs to propose changes in the way that other processes or procedures are made so security is introduced in all steps in the company. Also in this case the ISS will be the backup Network Administrator, as well as carry out the user creation and deletion, ensuring there are no abandoned users who would be a threat as an attack vector.

Key Responsabilities and Acountabilities:

Information security/risk/incident analysts or managers support the front-line defence of networks, protecting information from unauthorised access and violations. They do this by analysing and assessing potential security risks, developing plans to deal with such incidents by putting measures in place such as firewalls and encryption, monitoring and auditing systems for abnormal activity, and executing corrective actions. They also prepare technical reports.

Penetration testers or ethical hackers carry out tests on a system to expose weaknesses in security. Essentially, they do everything a hacker would do, but they do it on behalf of the organisation who owns the network. This means they will try to access information without usernames and passwords, and will try to break through whatever security applications are in place. Reports of their findings can then inform what upgrades are implemented.

Computer forensics analysts or investigators work in cybercrime, a growing phenomenon. To try and combat it they work in private and public sector organisations, as well as with the police and law and security enforcement agencies. Work is extremely varied and can include recovery of deleted files; analysing and interpreting data linked to crime; analysing mobile telephone records; and uncovering links between events, groups and individuals through pursuit of data trails. Specialists working in this type of role need to keep detailed records of their investigations and will often provide evidence in court.

Meet with staff for preparing projects so the development of any project has security in mind from the start.
Provide training to staff, from academic to office, about security risks, best practices, password management, etc.

User creating and deletion as well as registering and giving the correct access to all users.

Network management not only for traffic analysis for possible vulnerabilities but will act as the Network Administrator backup and support.

Data Protection Officer for the new GDPR EU directive, including an active role in training in the schools for teachers and students about security and online safety

Personal Requirements:

University Bachelor’s Degree.
Strong knowledge of Windows Server and Linux.
Strong knowledge of networking.
Sound knowledge of Active Directory.
Sound knowledge of forensic techniques for post-attack analysis.
Ability to write clear and precise documentation.
Ability to reach agreements with non-technical people.
Strong research skills.
C1 English level
Willing to train himself and keep up to date his skills.

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  • Idioma: Inglés (Excelente)
  • Experiencia: 1 año
  • Formación Mínima: Ingeniero Tecnico
  • Nivel Profesional: Empleado
  • Tipo contrato: A determinar
  • Jornada: Jornada completa
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