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ICT Supporter at treibauf (in Barcelona or Zurich)

Sometimes, in one of those rare quiet minutes, I wonder how they used to do that, with the millions of payments and bookings that are triggered and matched daily when we pay by card somewhere in the world.
Then I become aware of our responsibility and get back to work: As an ICT supporter I mainly deal with script languages (perl, bash or simple Windows batches), database and system maintenance. My knowledge of MS SQL Server and Oracle is essential. We also advise and support our customers with network problems and firewall rules, exchange SSL keys and give recommendations on how much memory, CPU or disk space our applications need now and in the future.
We ICT Supporter are part of the Scrum team and therefore an important part of the daily practiced DevOps philosophy. Accordingly, I also have to be able to set priorities, coordinate tasks and deadlines internally and externally, advise and train customers in the integration and installation of our software, customize interface configurations ... because with all the standards there are usually many exceptions ... if you know what I mean.
Routines such as the short, efficient team meetings between Zurich and Barcelona, the collaboration in testing or the updating of documentation come in handy. After all, it´s an exciting challenge to reinvent the EFT/POS world every day - a little bit - in order to keep the existing balance.
My profile: Completed apprenticeship in IT, 2-5 years professional experience, a large portion of experience and security in databases, script languages, network and systems engineering, mandatory good German and English (oral and written), communicative, innovative and flexible.
Place of work: Either Barcelona (Gracia) or if you want to live in Switzerland then Zurich is the place of work.

Funciones Profesionales

Detalles de la oferta
  • Idioma: Alemán (Medio) | Inglés (Medio)
  • Experiencia: 3 años
  • Formación Mínima: Otra Formación Tecnológica
  • Nivel Profesional: Empleado
  • Tipo contrato: Indefinido
  • Jornada: Jornada completa
  • Salario: 27.000€ - 30.000 € Bruto/año