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Expert IA & Data Science

Everis Spain


everis is an NTT DATA Company, dedicated to consulting and outsourcing in all sectors, with a turnover of 1.03 billion Euro in the last financial year. We are a large family with 19,000 professionals across Europe, USA and Latin America.

In 2014 everis joined to the NTT DATA Group, the sixth-largest IT services company in the world with 100,000 professionals and with offices in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and North America.
Above all, everis believes in its people, their ongoing development and their talent.

We are firmly committed to talent and our main goal is to nurture high performing professionals by creating an environment of responsible freedom.

· 1 years experience in C#, .Net, C++
· 3 years experience Python 3
· 3 years experience in Machine Learning Frameworks.
· Experience working with distributed paradigms (MapReduce) framework Spark
· Experience working with distributed paradigms Kafka and queue management.

•Extraction y selection of different features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques.
•Extending datasets with third party sources of information when needed
•Enhancing data collection procedures
•Processing, cleansing and verifying data integrity used for the analysis processes
•Creating automated ml-systems and constant tracking of its performance.

•Dataset gathering using different technologies like Pandas
•Understanding machine learning techniques and algorithms like SVM, KNN, Naives Bayes, Neural Networks
•Experience with frameworks like MatplotLib, Scikit, TensorFlow, Keras (Python Stack)
•Experience with data visualisation tools like D3.js, GGplot, MatplotLib
•Proficiency in using query languages such as SQL, Hive, Pig, Impala
•Experience with NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Neo4J
•Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.
•Good experience with Python and Java (Python 3+, Java 1.5+)

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  • Experiencia: 3 años
  • Formación Mínima: Ingeniero Tecnico
  • Nivel Profesional: Empleado
  • Tipo contrato: Indefinido
  • Jornada: Jornada completa
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