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Información de la empresa Bearsoft Inc.

The bearsoft inc. is a software services company founded in costa rica in 2010, supported by
more than 30 years of top expertise and highly successful leaders. we primarily focus on providing
software and data engineers staff augmentation on a nearshore based model for usa and
canada based software factory customers.
we firmly believe that human talent is the most important resource for any company to achieve
its goals, and therefore the ability to attract and identify the best is one of the most important
success factors for any company.
our goal is to provide customers the best software and data engineering talent according to their
needs, leading to a better selection process and ultimately better results.
we identify the best talent, helping customers build their dream teams. for this, we offer the most
reliable and convenient solution, something that we can only achieve by concentrating on two
fronts: we strive to deeply understand our clients, to ensure that we identify exactly the right
resource who best meets their needs. on the other hand, we will always innovate and use the
latest technology available to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.
we are the strategic talent partner you need to deliver competitive results and boost your
projects immediately while increasing productivity in minimal time.

bearsoft’s portfolio expands in computer science areas such as: software engineering, software
development, deep learning, machine learning, big data, data science & cloud computing,
microservices architectures and devops, among others.
we believe in a hassle-free solution where you get the top-notch qualified resources you need
without making the hiring so challenging.
we provide you with the knowledge and talent pool of highly experienced senior developers and
data engineers in multiple technologies and frameworks; but above all of quality. +1(864) 402-9642
+1(864) 402-9642
we offer resources that are incorporated into your work teams, linked to software development.
in this way, the client has the freedom to expand or reduce production capacity immediately,
without facing high additional costs that these decisions may cause.
we can help you grow your business units and expand your capabilities without the hassle of
recruiting, hiring and training.
unleash the possibilities that augmenting your staff can bring for your core team, and service
delivery. if you are considering hiring software engineers with deep expertise across coding
languages and frameworks, we have you covered. let’s talk

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