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Bcnc Group - Bcnc group is an engineering and technology firm focused on long term strategic projects. We support our customers through their entire product life cycle around the globe, no matter how complex they are. Our mission is to help our customers improve their performance and increase their value through our expertise in engineering and technology. Some of the world´s most successful businesses have benefited from our experience.

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Analista Técnico o Funcional Java

Funciones: Analista Programador - Analista - Arquitecto TIC
Tecnologías: java, javaee, spring, struts, hibernate, maven
Jorn. completa | Salario: 27000 € - 39000 € bruto/año | Contrato: Indefinido
Sant Cugat

Fecha: 23/03/2017

Analista .Net

Funciones: Analista Programador - Analista - Tester
Tecnologías: net, rest, SQL Server,
Jorn. completa | Salario: 27000 € - 36000 € bruto/año | Contrato: Indefinido

Fecha: 23/03/2017

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